Nubian Dairy Goats and AKC Anatolian Shepherds
                                Rocky Mount, Virginia
   Our Anatolian Shepherds
We have always had an issue with stray dogs and coyotes being abundant in our area, but as the size and quality of our Nubian Dairy Goat herd grew, we knew that we had to provide them with some protection and give ourselves some peace of mind. After much research we chose to purchase our very first Anatolian Shepherd to be a Livestock Guardian Dog also known as a LGD. The Anatolian Shepherd is an old breed that originated in Central Turkey. They are large in size weighing between 90 - 150 lbs and they stand 28" plus at the withers. They are strong, intelligent and independent being bred with great protection instincts. Anatolians are a working dog without equal, they display a calm and loving side around the animals that they protect, as well as, the family and children they are accustomed to. When the time arises to be on alert, they don't back down and are forceful when needed. This breed is well known for its independent thinking and they always seem to know the proper action for the any situation.
            Briar Mtn's Duman  
          AKC Registered Male
         Briar Mtn's Kudret
       AKC Registered Male
            Briar Mtn's Banu
      AKC Registered Female