Briar Mtn Farm and Kennel
        Purebred Nubian Dairy Goats and AKC Anatolian Shepherds
                      Rocky Mount, Virginia
         Terms of Sale
Thank you for your interest in a Purebred Nubian Dairy Goat from Briar Mtn Farm. Our herd was started back in 2008 and we have a CAE, Brucellosis, TB, Johne's, and CL free herd. We test the entire herd yearly for CAE, Brucellosis, and TB. Any new animal purchased is initially tested for all 3 of the above and for Johne's and CL.  Prior to placing a deposit please read the terms below and if you have any questions please email me at or call me at ( 540 ) 263-0658.
Selection - We always have the buyer's best interest in mind and strive to place the right animal into your herd. Please let us know what you are looking to add or improve in your herd so that we can help you ( if needed ) in selecting the right animal. Once you have something in mind please contact us to be sure it will be available.
Deposit - Once you have made your selection and would like to move forward we require a $50 deposit ( non refundable ) for each kid ordered.  We will hold your selection for 10 days in order to give you time to send the deposit. Reservations are filled in the order that they are received. You can send your deposit by using the Goat deposit button ( below and on Breeding Schedule page ), Paypal, Money Order or personal check. Please note that we charge a $50 returned check fee should your check not clear. We ask that you make a 1st choice and 2nd choice to give us a better chance of filling your reservation in case your first selection isn't born. If your kid isn't born we will contact you and return your deposit if you like or you may transfer it to another kid that becomes available or carry it over to the next year. The only time we do not refund your deposit is if your kid is born and you refuse the kid due to color or if you are unable to move forward with your purchase due to finances. We will, however, allow you to carry it over one more year in the hopes that things will be better the next time. Briar Mtn Farm does reserve the right to keep any kid born for herd replacement, but I always try to list my reservations prior to taking any reservations for that year. With all bucks sold, Briar Mtn reserves the right to purchase back 10 straws at the cost of collection.
Once your kid is born - We will notify you  with in 24 hours and then final payment is due by the time your kid is 2 weeks old. If your kid is not paid in full with in 14 days, the kid along with all monies paid will be considered forfeited and the kid will be put back up for sale.  We do accept Paypal for final payment, but please include all Paypal fees with your payment. To see the proper amount you need to send, use this link   You can also pay cash in person, money order, or with personal check ( Please note that animal and registration papers will not leave the farm until your check clears the bank ). All kids must be picked up from the farm or shipped by 5 weeks of age.
Picking up your kid from the farm - We encourage all buyers to come and pick up their goats in person at the farm so that you can see the sire and dam ( along with relatives ) of your newest addition(s). We understand that not all buyers are able to pick up directly, so we do offer shipping as well from Roanoke Regional Airport ( ROA ) at the expense of the buyer. We ask that your kid(s) be picked up from us by the time they are 4 weeks of age and any kids that are not picked up by that time will be charged boarding fees at a rate of $10 per day. Any kid purchased after 4 weeks of age, must be picked up with in 10 days. A boarding fee of $5 per day will be charged after that point.
Shipping your kid - kids must be shipped by the time they are 5 weeks old unless other arrangements have been made between the buyer and Briar Mtn Farm prior to that point in time. Kids not shipped by 5 weeks of age will be charged $10 per day to cover boarding fees. Buyer is responsible for all shipping related costs including, but not limited to, Airline approved crate, health certificate and/or USDA certificate endorsement, shipping charges, any and all vet related expenses, and an Airport delivery fee of $75. All shipping related expenses must be paid in full prior to shipping.
Purchasing adult animals - From time to time we may have  milkers, bred does, and mature bucks for sale since we aren't able to keep every animal that is in milk or used here at the farm. If you have an interest in purchasing a milker, bred doe, or buck please let us know and we can let you know what is available or may become available soon. For adult animals we require a $250 deposit immediately and the remaining amount to be paid in cash at time of pickup. Animals must be picked up with in 4 weeks unless you are purchasing a bred doe and she is waiting to be bred to the buck of your choice. After she is bred by the buck she will remain here 25 more days to confirm that she didn't cycle again and then she needs to be picked up with in a one week time frame after that. Adult animals not picked up by the date agreed upon ( between buyer and seller ) will be charged boarding at the following rate: bred does not milking and mature bucks $15 day / Milking does $25 per day.
Goat deposit
Kids not picked up or shipped by 6 weeks of age ( unless prior agreement between buyer and seller has been made ) that have outstanding boarding charges, will be considered abandoned and the kid(s) and all monies paid will be forfeited by the buyer. The kid will the be made available to the next interested buyer.
Click on the above link to place a deposit on a goat.