Briar Mtn Farm
Additional Natural Products
All Natural Deodorant
 Made with 4 simple ingredients that are then blended together with essential oil(s) that provide you with all day comfort and peace of mind. Made with natural oils and butters and available in the scents listed below. Deodorants are $6.00 each
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Facial Cream ( Anti - Aging & Wrinkles )
A wonderful blend of natural oils, butters, essential oils and vitamin E that come together to make a very light cream that provides deep conditioning and toning capabilities Also helps to remove skin blemishes, acne, and wrinkles. Price is $10 for 3oz.
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Orange Almond
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Lavender Vanilla
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Wild Flower
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Acne Cream
This special cream is great for acne in its ability to clear pores, clean oily skin, and prevent out breaks on all types of skin. Great for ages.                                   $10.00
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All Natural Sore Muscle Rub
Multiple butters / oils work together with a variety of essential oils in this muscle rub. Great for cramps, arthritis, muscle pain, and soreness. I have been making and using this personally for 5 years.
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All Natural Sore Muscle Rub with CBD Oil
Same blend as our muscle rub that you have come to love and know and then we combine even more essential oils along with 300mg of CBD Oil.
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All Natural Body Butter
A very moisturizing mix of natural butters, oils and essential oils. Great for healing dry, cracked, and rough hands / feet.
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