Briar Mtn Farm
                 Goat's Milk Lotion
              Rocky Mount, Virginia
           Goat's Milk Lotion
Our lotion is made with natural ingredients and it is great for your skin. It does not leave an oily residue and absorbs wonderfully into your skin. It is great for all types of skin, since our lotion contains only 9 ingredients ( unlike store bought lotions which contain at least double that and half of the ingredients you don't even know what they are for ). Most of the ingredients found in store bought lotion is used as a preservative so the lotion will be good for very many years. Our lotion's shelf life is long lasting   (we kept one of our very first bottles that we ever made and it was still fine one year later ).   Goat's Milk is very good for your skin because the Goat's Milk is almost the same exact ph level as our skin so it allows it be absorbed more easily to be very mild, very moisturizing, and is great for people with sensitive skin. It can help with eczema, psoriasis, acne etc. We recommend shaking your lotion prior to use and applying it to dry skin  only  ( meaning we recommend allowing your body to dry after you get out of the shower prior to putting on the lotion ) so it will absorb into your skin. Water actually repels the Shea Butter and Glycerin in the lotion and prevents it from absorbing into your skin.
At Briar Mtn Farm we strive to make all or our products from natural ingredients but some people may have some skin irritations to essentials oils used in our products.  We always recommend you test all our products in the bend of the arm or wrist with a small amount first.  If any irritation does occur stop use of the product.  By purchasing this product you release Briar Mtn Farm and its owners from all liability from any side affects, irritations, or reactions of any kind from the use of our products.  If you are allergic to any product (ingredient) that may be used for soap, lotion, lip balm, bath fizzies, bath salts, etc. please contact us prior to purchase.
Oatmeal, Milk and Honey - 4 oz - a very mild scent and is one of our most popular blends 
Orange - 4 oz - made with Orange Essential Oil. Really good for sensitve skin and people with Eczema 
Peppermint - 4 oz made with peppermint essential oil. Great for arthritis, aches and pains, and poor circulation 
Citrus Blend - 4 oz made with a variety of citrus essential oils
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Lemongrass - 4 oz with Lemongrass essential oil
Lime and Herb - Lime essential oil combined with a variety of herbs. 4 oz
Vanilla Almond - 4 oz  with Vanilla bean and almond
Honeysuckle -  4 oz made from our very own honeysuckle infused oil.
Lavender - 4 oz made with Lavender essential oil
Lavender Vanilla - 4 oz made with Lavender essential oil and vanilla bean oil
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Paw Paw's Love - 4 oz made from a custom blend of wild rose oil, gardenia, geranium, lilac, tangerine and jasmine essential oils and extracts.
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EPR Lotion -  made with even more beneficial butters, oils, and essential oils especially for eczema, psoriasis, and rosacea - $10.00 for 4 oz.
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