Briar Mtn Farm
    Bath Fizzies and Bath Salts
        Rocky Mount, Virginia
               Bath Fizzies

In the fall of 2010 we started to make Bath Fizzies and we decided to add them to our product line. All you do is add a " fizzie " to your already prepared bath water and it will begin to  " fizz " and dissolve into the water. As your " fizzie " dissolves it will release oils into the water that help to moisturize your skin. All of our fizzies are made made with essential oils to provide you with added benefits. Depending on the oil that it is made with you can get relief from stuffy sinuses, eczema, acne, stiff joints, psoriasis, etc. If you would like to get some relief from certain ailments, please contact us if you do not see anything listed that can help. We can also combine oils to help with multiple symptoms if need be. The fizzies are priced at $2.00 each.
Goat's Milk Mineral Bath Soak
A blend of goat's milk, Chamomile, and Natural Oils infused with herbals to provide calming and great moisturizing properties to the skin.                        Price is $3.00
All Natural Bath Salts
A mixture of several different sea salts with natural oils and essential oils. Simply empty contents in to running bath water.                   Price is $3.00 per packet.
We are currently out of Bath Fizzies and they will return in the Fall of 2022. Due to the coconut oil that we use, they get soft in the Summer so they will return when it starts to get cool again. We still have Mineral Bath Soaks, Bath Teas and Bath Salts which are listed above. Thank you
All Natural Bath Tea
A custom blend of sea salts, natural oils, essential oils, dried herbs, and dried flowers to provide a soothing and relaxing bath with natural healing. Price is $3.00 per packet.