Briar Mtn Charger's Baby
DOB: March 2011
Baby belongs to my youngest daughter and she is out of our favorite doe, BG. She was sired by Charger and we were so excited to get a doe kid out of this breeding. She has a very strong and level topline and stands on very good feet and legs with nice escutcheon height and width. I can't wait to freshen her in 2012 and hope that she will have as nice of an udder as BG. Baby freshened in May of 2012 and we were so excited with how she looks. She has one of the best mammarys in our herd, her udder is high and wide, with great placement  and she is milking right at a gallon a day. It was amazing to see her freshen and for her udder to turn out just as nice as we had hoped.
Sire: Kismet Operator's in Scharge
SS: SGCH ++*B Kismet Marvins Smooth Operator
SD: CH Kismet Mandrill Shasta

Dam: Menagerieacrz Blu's Big Galoot
DS: Cherry - Hill ASU Gentleman Blu
DD: Newland Randy's Arwen
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Baby ( left ) and her dam BG