CH Menagerieacrz Blu's Big Galoot
                  DOB: February 2008               LA - 88 VVVV                          
This is Menagerieacrz Blu's Big Galoot and we call her BG for short. She  has a very long and level topline, sharp at the withers and smooth in the shoulders and she has a very high and wide udder with great placement.  We were very lucky in being able to acquire this doe because she was a dry yearling and the owner was trying to scale back so we took the gamble and we are glad we did.  BG to me is the perfect Nubian, she is everything that I look for in a dairy goat and she is what I compare every other Nubian to when I am looking to bring in some new genetics or when I am retaining kids. We were lucky in 2011 to be able to retain a doe kid from her and Kismet Operator's In Scharge that we freshened this year and she is just as stunning. As much as we love BG for how she is personality wise and for her beautiful conformation, she is worth even more to us as a brood doe since she is obviously able to pass on her wonderful traits to her offspring. We were able to finish BG in 2012 and we have been very proud of how she has done at the shows for us. We have only shown her 9 times and she has done very well for us against some very tough competition in our area. She is pictured above as a first freshening 2 year old and below as a third freshening 4 year old. Also pictured below is her daughter Briar Mtn Charger's Baby as a yearling.
Sire: Cherry-Hill ASU Gentleman Blu
SS: *B Kastdemur's Aesop LA - 90 EEV
SD: Lynnhaven Sequoia's Suprise 3*M LA - 90 VEEE

Dam: Newland Randy's Arwen
DS: *B Rice-Patch Randy
DD: Newland Tafarai's Griphany

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2011 Show wins: 5 x 1st , 2 x 2nd , 1 x RGCH , 2 X GCH , 2 X BOB ,                                    2 X BUOB
2012 Show wins 1 X 1st, 1 x GCH, 2 x BOB, 2 x BUOB
BG as a 4 year old 3rd freshener
BG'S daughter ( Baby ) as a yearling
BG and her daughter Baby