Risin' Creek AVK Ramblin' Man
            Pictured above at 6 months old
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S: *B Alize Vino Katmandu 86VVV
SS: *B Kastdemur's Vino 89VEV
SD: GCH J&R Spirit's Maxim Kaitanna 3*M

D: GCH Risin' Creek Kiss Trixie 1*M 91EVEE
DS: Little-Bic's Knight Kiss
DD: Risin' Creek Sundae's Trinity
Pictured Below is Ramblin's Dam - GCH Risin' Creek Kiss Trixie 1*M 91EVEE
       Pictures of Trixie courtesy of Tim Vanzant @ Risin' Creek Nubians
Born in February 2013, just as we were calling Tim to discuss the possiblities of getting a buck out of Trixie for 2014, we were very excited to find out that Ramblin' was available and jumped at the chance to bring him into our herd. Ramblin on his maternal side ties in some of the great older genetics that we have based our herd on, while on the paternal side you will find some of the familiar names of the top genetics that are in there. He should tie in very nicely on all of our does since we are running the mix of  "new " and  "old" and we brought him in to do just that. The older genetics tend to have the power and the width and combining that with the style and finesse of the newer bloodlines ( in our opinion ) makes for a truly amazing animal. Ramblin's Dam Trixie, reminds us so much of our doe Koffee in body capacity, fore and rear udder, overall width, and her wide level rump. His genetics are loaded with National Show class winners, as well as, National Champions and Reserve Champions. We have big plans for Ramblin' and can't wait to see his first kids arrive in 2014. I got to see Ramblin's dam in person while picking up a new buck from Tim Vanzant and she is a phenomenal doe. It is so nice to see a doe at the age of 9yrs old who looks so young and extremely well put together. In person she has to be the widest strongest doe that I have ever seen and it makes me very excited to think about all the things that Ramblin should bring to our herd.
Pictured below is Ramblins' Sire's ( Katmandu ) littermate sister Alize Vino Katerina 4*M as a yearling. Pictures of Katerina courtesy of Megan Tredway Carter @ Lakeshore Nubians.